Plenary Speakers

Dr. Liberato Manna (confirmed)

Affiliation: ITT, Milan, Italy
Title: Chemical and Structural Transformations in Colloidal Inorganic Nanocrystals.

Dr. Molly Stevens (confirmed)

Affiliation: Imperial College, UK
Title: Bio-inorganic Nanomaterials for Ultrasensitive Biosensing

Dr. Johan Hofkens (confirmed)

Affiliation: U. KU Leuven, Belgium
Title: Silver particles: from luminescent clusters to remote Raman in cells via wires.

Dr. Daniel Ruiz (confirmed)

Affiliation: ICNN, CSIC, UAB, Barcelona, Spain
Title: Novel (Coordination) Polymer Nanoparticles for Advanced Theranostics.

Dr. Jerry Morrissey (confirmed)

Affiliation: Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, USA
Title: Synthesis and functionalization of various gold nanoparticles for molecular medicine and molecular biology

Dr. Elvira Fortunato (confirmed)

Affiliation: FCT-UNL. Portugal
Title: Functional Metal Oxide Nanoparticles used from Optical Sensors to Biosensors